Don’t look back and regret not having told your story.

Jo helps entrepreneurs communicate the heart of their business through stories that connect and create trust. She has a knack for uncovering the unique gifts her clients offer and believes strongly in the value of each voice in the world.

If you want to differentiate yourself and your business from generic brands you need a personal story told in a compelling way. With a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education as an English major and extra years of study at UCLA for business and fiction writing Jo’s words run like honey off a spoon.

Jo is available through one-on-one coaching or via her MAGIC WRITING CIRCLES where you can participate in regular classes with other like-minded women.

Thank you for this fabulous class. I learned SO much in a short time. You provided incredible value, plus I had FUN! Before this class, I felt like curling up in a ball and watching TV but now I feel inspired and refreshed. Obviously, I needed a shift in my energy to get my STORY flowing in the right direction. I appreciate you, Jo! – Sincerely, Gregor

The MAGIC WRITING CIRCLE allows you to join us on a wondrous journey to explore the seasons of your life and turn them into powerful stories that can inspire others. We have a whole lot of fun and the transformations are amazing—growth in writing ability and self-confidence! You can use your stories for your business or personal life. The writing tools you learn you have forever.


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