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“Jo Nelsen has been my support and rock in writing my story.
I couldn’t have done it without her”
— Wayne Bailey

Jo is a published author with Bantam/Doubleday. She’s written for many publications, including The Holly wood Reporter. Jo’s a writing coach, copywriter, and ghostwriter, as well as a singer, poet & lover of books. She has a Bachelor of Education/English Major and a Masters Performance Coach credential. But most importantly, Jo is a champion when it comes to being committed to her clients and getting your story discovered and on paper. READ MORE ABOUT JO

Whether you’re using your story to build your business or leave a legacy for those you love, content that is well written is an impressive accomplishment universally recognized. It will remain an asset you can use from the stage, on your website, or as a gift. A book you’ve authored elevates your status in the business world and amongst family and friends in addition to satisfying your curiosity about your own life.


Is it time to write your life story? Would you like some help?

Have you been thinking about writing a book? Does it seem an impossible undertaking? Have you tried and got stuck? Or are you just too busy?  

I have good news! Writing your book can be a collaboration. You will be the author and I will be the writer—your ghostwriter.  Does that sound easier?

Click the above image to watch this great TV interview of my client all about how writing her book completely changed her life and her business. She said, “Jo, I’m truly amazed by the number of people my book is helping and reaching. I’m being interviewed on TV and my publicist has me booked solid for the next 2 weeks!”


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